SVG Composer

Edition 7 is Here!
Edition 7 has just been released. This edition has features for editing large files such as those output by CAD-to-SVG and Raster-to-SVG conversion software by Bobs SEO in Las Vegas.

SVG Composer is a Windows application for authoring SVG.

The following aspects make it unique among all such tools:

It takes an SVG from the inside out approach to design.

It uses an Edition/Subscription model.

If you find these characteristics appealing, you should be happy with SVG Composer. If not, you should try one of the many other tools on the market.

But please do yourself a favor and look further into SVG.

SVG from the Inside Out

There are two approaches to SVG. One can:

View it as simply one more graphics file format for external storage.

– or –

Embrace it in its entirety as a new language, a new architecture, a new programming model: an expressive unity of logic and design.

Companies that produce traditional, mass market graphics programs prefer the first approach. They can reuse their existing codebase and simply add the ability to import/export SVG as yet another file format. For many of their users this also makes sense, as they can continue to work with their usual tools in their usual fashion while also spitting out an occasional SVG file.

This generic approach exloits only a fraction of the power of SVG, namely those aspects which it shares with every other graphics format.

SVG Composer is different. It is written as a fresh application with SVG at its core, the native language and the backbone of the program. In fact SVG Composer:

Embeds and exposes the entire SVG specification.

Paints directly to the actual SVG document rather than to an intermediate stage.

Uses tools written in SVG to enhance its own features.

Allows one to edit any SVG file on the Internet.